Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pinoy Pambasted na Banat and Mga Banat na Pang Basted

Is there someone courting you but you don't have feelings on him? and you're thinking on how to say it? well, here's a collection of the best, funniest and latest Pinoy Pambasted na Banat and Mga Banat na Pangbasted made just for you and to share with and even post it in your facebook or twitter status.  If you have your own favorite Tagalog Pambasted na Banat, we would love to hear it, simply add a comment below or just email it to us with a subject: pinoy basted, and will posted up for you. Hope you'll like it!

Pambasted para sa mga makukilit manligaw:
"How many times do i have to flush before you go away?"

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I'm funny. you're funny looking.
so, we have something in common.
but i still don't like you. so go awaaaay!!!

Check out this Pinoy Jokes video  that feautures Basted is Tandang

A Girl brought over his new boyfriend for the girl barkada to meet..after several hours, the guy excused himself.

Girl: so guys, how is he? feedback!
Barkada: he's ok. pero friend, KM sya.
We all agreed.
KM translation: KUTIS MAHIRAP

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Boy: Hi. kilala kita db classmates tayo nung high school?

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Oh bakit buhay ka pa? kala ko ba pag di ko sinagot calls mo papakamatay ka na? bkit di ka pa rin patay?

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When a Boy approached the Girl with a smile....
Boy: Hi miss...can i...
Girl: sorry....nagbigay na ako ng donation sa mga kasamahan mo...

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Pambasted banat sa kaibigang naliligaw:
"You're such a good friend why ruin our friendship"

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Pambasted na banat ng mga babae sa manliligaw...
"Hindi tayo bagay kasi ako dyosa ikaw halimaw."

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Boy Banat: pwede ba kitang maging kaibigan?
Girl Banat: i don't want you to be my friend
Boy Banat: bakit naman
Girl Banat: don't meet my standards eh

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