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It has been a tough year for all of us. Pandemic is not yet over. Many of us lost their loved ones along the way and are still yearning for their passing. Many of us were laid off from their jobs which possibly their dream ones. Many were stricken with catastrophes such as typhoons and earthquakes and other natural phenomenon that led to more sufferings and sorrows. Our life plans had to be changed due to unexpected turn of events. 

Despite of all that had transpired , we keep on going and we continue to hold on that sliver of hope for better days ahead. We persist to exist because life is still worth living. We may have fall but we keep on rising up and becoming stronger. This year may not be a great one as we want it to be but it didn’t hinder us from putting smiles on our faces. We learned so many things about life. That there’s more to it than meets the eye. We were able to bridge the gaps and spread the love. 

If you are looking for heartwarming messages you would like to share with your family and friends, we compiled these BAGONG TAON TAGALOG QUOTES AND MESSAGES.

"Sana ang dadating na Bagong Taon ay maging matagumpay.

Umasa tayo na may mabuting mangyayari para sa ating lahat!"

"Kakaibang sigla ang dulot ng Bagong Taon

dahil sa dala nitong panibagong buhay para sa iyo at sa akin."

"Bagong Taon,

Bagong Pangarap

at Bagong Pag-asa"

"Gusto kong salubungin ang Pasko at Bagong Taon na ikaw ang kasama.

Happy New Year and I love you!"

"Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyong lahat"!

"2022 Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyong lahat!

"Manigong Bagong Taon sa lahat ng mahal sa buhay lalo diyan sa Pinas!"

"Sabay-sabay nating salubungin ang taong 2022 nang may Pananampalataya

na may ngiti at pag-asa."

"Sabi nila, bagong taon, araw ng pagbabago

Sabi ko naman, araw-araw ay bago

kung laging nasa isip ay pagbabago."

"Wag ka na tumalon ngayong bagong taon.

Hindi ka naman tumangkad, kundi lumalapad"!

As we bid goodbye to this year, we would like to thank you for your unending support on our website. We are grateful to be part of your lives and we hope that you continue to support us until the end. You, our readers, keep the light in our torch. We value your comments and suggestions as we continue to provide you with better contents and features. 

Congratulations for being able to make it this year. Hope that you will be stronger than ever as we welcome another exciting year. Thank you.

If you have you own Bagong Taon Tagalog Quotes and Messages, feel free to share it with us and we will be delighted to have them featured here at

Japeth Aguilar Goodbye na nga sa Barangay Ginebra?

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RASTAMAN for President Goes Viral


Filing of Certificate of Candidacy has been held for 2022 Philippine election and surprisingly there are almost a hundred of presidential aspirants. Among them is wittingly unexpected candidate in the name of Rastaman.

Rastaman instantly caught the attention of netizens after an interview about him and his supposed platform to run the country should he win the election. Politics in the country is always on the rough waters with issues here and there. And there goes Rastaman to lighten up your day. But then, who is Rastaman?

Mr. Ronaldo Plaza, well-known as Rastaman Yow is a Filipino citizen who previously filed for senatorial position in 2016 and is now back eyeing the highest political position where his main agenda is to “protect” the territories. He His unusual getup and seemingly sense of humor made him popular in social media and went viral hours after he filed his candidacy.

Rastaman is coined from male Rastafarian which is well known as a religious and political movement that originated from Jamaica.

Why si Rasta Man? 

  • Human 
  • Zombie 
  • Has motorcycle tattoo 
  • Ghost Rider 
  • Umaapoy, May pakpak 
  • May Third eye sa pisngi 
  • Hapini Infinity 

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#LetRastaManLead #RastaMan2022 #RastamanForPresident

Francisco Duque Warak Quotes and Notable Messages to Remember With

It was on August 17, 2021 when the Department of Health Secretary Francisco Duque III gets emotional during a zoom meeting with the house committee following the controversial audit report of his department’s COVID-19 funds which amounts to a whopping Php67.3 billion. This is where Duque made his famous and notable quotes, Winarak na ninyo kami eh! Winarak na ninyo ang dangal ng DOH. Winarak niyo lahat ng mga kasama ko rito! Hindi kami makaharap sa mga tao dahil ang dami-daming sinabi, ang dami-daming paratang”. Duque even claims that he and his colleagues in DOH have not slept since August 11 and said "Wala pa akong tulog!. In case you missed it, we've highlighted some of Sec. Francisco Duque III notable quotes and messages here:

“This can also be some kind of blessing in disguise, serendipitous. Kasi parang na-accelerate iyong universal healthcare because of COVID-19. It is a catalyst.” Francisco Duque III, Duque claimed in a webinar hosted by the University of the Philippines was a ‘blessing in disguise’ – August 21, 2020 

To which he adds “Although COVID-19 has exposed the fissures or the cracks, weaknesses of our health system, it has brought to the fore the areas, provisions of UHC that need to be accelerated in terms of their implementation.” Francisco Duque III,
CNN Philippines

“Ang mga bakuna natin sa health centers ay dekalidad, siguradong epektibo at binibigay na libre galing sa buwis ng mga tao.”, (February 7, 2019) 

“We can’t risk children going back until there is a vaccine. Very important po ang bakuna. Together with DepEd we will explore alternative means to modify classes for safe physical distancing.”, (May 26, 2020)

“If we do this, then the concerned country – China in this case – might question why we’re not doing the same for all other countries that have reported cases of the new coronavirus. It’s very tricky… but we commit to take this into consideration.” (DOH secretary Francisco Duque III argues it would be unfair if only Chinese tourists are barred from entering the Philippines, when cases of CoVID-19 have been confirmed in other countries, Jan 29, 2020)

“I took full responsibility for my decisions and actions. And the effort... I’m trying my best. There was never a time that I never tried my best but if my best is not enough, I just have to do some more reflection and soul-searching.” (Aug.19. 2020)

“Ang akin lang po, pagkatiwalaan naman po natin ang mga opisyal ng ating gobyerno dahil talaga naman pong ipinaglalaban ang interes ng mamamayan.” (January 18, 2021)

If you have your own Francisco Duque III Quotes/ messages, feel free to share it with us and we will be very glad to have it posted here. For more reads, just log on to or visit Boy Banat Official Facebook  ( Page for more updates and latest features.

Gilas Pilipinas Tinalo mga BTS Friends | SJ Belangel BUZZER BEATER  | GAME HIGHLIGHTS

Karen Davila with Lyca Gairanod gives birth to Hilarious Trending Meme

It was last August 14, 2021, veteran reporter Karen Davila uploaded an interview with The Voice Kids season 1 Grand Champion Lyca Gairanod. The interview happened before the re-imposition of the enhanced community quarantine whereas Karen Davila went to Lyca’s hometown of Tanza, Cavite. During the interview, Karen Davila asked the simple question “When is your birthday?” then Lyca replied “November 21” which Karen, shocked and gave such a hilarious reaction because they both have same birthday. That’s the birth of hilarious funny meme that circulates in world of social media sites.

Here are some of our favorite memes and funny jokes from the hilarious Karen Davila and Lyca Gairanod reaction video that trends on social media.

HR: Anong pangalan mo?
Juan: Juan Kumpupot po
HR: Ilang taon?
Juan: Desiotso po
HR: May trabaho?
Juan: Tricycle Driver po
HR: May sidecar ho, Tricycle driver nga eh.

Tatay: Anak, bili ka muna ng toyo sa tindahan
Anak: Mamaya na tay naglalaro pa ako ng saranggola eh
Tatay: Bakit, nakakain ba yang saranggola mo?!
Anak: Bakit din ho, lumilipad ba yang toyo mo?

Jose: Namatay daw ang boyfriend mo?
Julianna: Oo, nasa punerarya, ngayon ang burol niya.
Jose: Condolences
Julianna: Salamat, ang hirap nga pero kailangan tangapin na wala na siya..
Jose: Gusto mo bang ako na lang ang pumalit sa kanya? *kinilig*
Julianna: Hindi ko alam eh.. baka hindi pumayag yung punerarya

Tatay: Anak! Ano to! Bakit F ang nakalagay sa card mo?
Anak: (Pinawisan) Tay, Fasado po kapag ganiyan
Tatay: Mabuti naman! Akala ko Ferfect eh!

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Tagalog Pampakilig Love Quotes for Valentine


Valentines is right around the corner! With that said, Valentines is that one special day of the year were everyone has the right to be totally and freely express their love for one another. It’s the day dedicated to express your love to the people that surround you and make them feel extra loved and cared for. One of the many ways of expressing your love is through reading some Valentine’s Day Quotes to incorporate some knowledge on what love is for others. And if you’re looking for some guidance when you’re writing a Valentine’s Day card to your special someone, these Valentine’s Day Quotes will surely help you express all the love you feel that you may have trouble expressing through words. The beauty of quotes is that it can reciprocate the exact words that you’ve might not even be aware of. Thus, this is a perfect way to make use of romantic quotes to express to your beloved this Valentine’s Day

And of course, Valentine’s doesn’t stop there. Why stop with a Valentine’s Day card when you can do something extravaganza this special holiday? You can either prepare a Valentine’s Day dinner which is a perfect pair for some luxurious Valentine’s Day desserts, and hey, it’s even widely believed that there’s no quicker way to the heart than with sweets.  Whatever you plan to do this Valentine’s Day, keep in mind that the spirit of the holiday is all about love. Make the people close to your heart feel just how special they mean to you. Here’s the list of Tagalog Pampakilig Love Quotes Valentines you might need to share with your special someone:

  • “Sabi ko sayo kailangan ko siya. Sabi ko sayo mahal ko siya. Sinabi ko rin na siya lang ang makakapagpasaya sa akin. Pero nasabi ko na ba, na ang SIYA at IKAW ay iisa?”
  • “Kahit ilang beses pa akong masaktan dahil sayo, di kita iiwan, di ako susuko. Dahil kung may 100 dahilan para iwan ka, hahanap pa rin ako ng isang dahilanpara ipaglaban ka.”
  • “Hindi ko naman kailangan ng perfect person na magmamahal sa akin. Kailangan ko lang ng taong magpapadama sa akin na kahit anong mangyari hinding hindi niya ako iiwan.”
  • “Kung feeling mo may kulang sayo, magisip ka nga ulit! Baka AKO na pala ang hinahanap mo.”

  • “Hindi sa lahat ng panahon ay may taong laging nandiyan para unawain at intindihin ka. Kaya kung sino man ang tao na iyon sa buhay mo: Pakaingatan mo siya.”
  • “Ang pakikipag-relasyon ay tanda ng pagmamahalan, hindi yan biro para gawin mo lang libangan.”
  • “Minsan pag pinapakita mo na mahal na mahal mo ang isang tao at hindi mo kayang mawala siya sayo, mas lalo ka lang niyang babalewalain kase iniisip niya kahit anong pananakit niya, mananatili kang nagmamahal ng totoo.“

  • “Masarap alagaan ang relasyon kahit na alam niyong hindi perpekto, pero ramdam niyo sa isat’isa ang pagiging kuntento.
  • “Sa tamang panahon may isang taong magpapatunay sayo kung bakit ka para sa kanya at kung bakit hindi ka para sa iba.” 
  • Nakakainlove yung taong magkapareho kayo sa gusto at ayaw pero mas nakakainlove yung taong kahit ayaw nya, basta para sayo gugustuhin nya.
  • “Sa isang patak ng tubig nabuo ang ulan. Sa isang buhos ng ulan, nabuo ang baha. Sa isang kapirasong lupa, nabuo ang mundo. Sa isang hulma ng putik, nabuo ang tao. Parang ikaw...Sa isang ngiti mo nabuo ang puso ko.”
  • “Yung feeling na may naalala kang nakakakilig na  nangyari at bigla ka na lang napangiti!”

  • “Lahat tayo naghahangad ng magagandang bagay: magandang kotse, magandang bahay, magandang sapatos, magandang damit. Pero sakin isang magandang bagay lang ang hinahangad ko. IKAW.”
  • "Sa pag-ibig, di mahalaga ang nakaraan kundi ang kasalukuyan. Mas matimbang ang karanasan kaysa sa sakit na pinagdaanan. Ang tanging magpapatatag dito ay kapatawaran at hindi ang pagsumbat sa kasalanan."

Do you have your own Tagalog  Pampakilig Love Quotes Valentines? You can share them with us. We will be glad to have them posted here. Just post a comment it below. You can also check on our Boy Banat Official Facebook Page for more quotes, banat lines and jokes.

The Best Tagalog Love Quotes for Valentines Day 2021


Make your Valentine’s day a “An Extraordinary day”. Say your boundless love to your partner by sending this enchanting love quotes created by Boy Banat. These Valentine's Day quotes will be the excellent thing to comfort you express all the innervation you have that might not be so effortless to put down in words. 

Check out this selection of 2021 Best Tagalog Love Quotes for the Valentines Day that can get your understanding or feelings across thoroughly. This may help you to  let them know just how you feel especially for this season of love.

"Masakit magmahal pag-iisa ka lang.

masakit magmahal ng taong may mahal ng iba.

Pero alam mo, may masakit pa dun.

Yung iiwan ka sabay sabi: Sorry, akala ko mahal kita, siya pala."

Di ba sinabi ko sayo noon pa na gusto kita?
Pinaramdam ko rin sayo na kelangan kita diba?
Isang araw tinabihan pa kita at sinabing,
“alam mo, mahal kita” pero sabi mo naman…
“kaw talaga nagpapatawa ka ba?!”

"Ang pakikipag-relasyon ay tanda ng pagmamahalan,

hindi yan biro para gawin mo lang libangan."

"Hindi sa lahat ng panahon ay may taong

laging nandiyan para unawain at intindihin ka.

Kaya kung sino man ang tao na iyon sa buhay mo:

Paka-ingatan mo siya."

"Paglayuin man tayo ng panahon, wala ka man sa tabi ko ngayon.

Alalahanin mong lagi kang nasa puso ko at ikaw ang laging laman ng isip ko."

"Ang pagmamahal ay para sa dalawang tao lang,

ewan ko ba kung bakit may mga malalanding di-marunong magbilang."

"Mag ingat sa PANG IIWAN.

Hindi lahat ng tao.


"Huwag ka maghanap ng taong makakaintindi sayo.

Ang hanapin mo yung taong kahit hindi ka naiintindihan..

hindi ka pa rin iniiwan."

"Masarap alagaan ang relasyon kahit na alam niyong hindi perpekto,

pero ramdam niyo sa isat’isa ang pagiging kuntento."

"Nagpopost ng pinaka magandang pic sa FB

at umaasang makakuha ng magmamahal sau?


"Dapat humanap ka ng taong

handang tanggapin lahat ng iyong kapintasan,

hindi lang ang iyong kagandahan."

"Sa pag-ibig, hindi mahalaga ang nakaraan kundi ang kasalukuyan.

Mas matimbang ang karanasan kaysa sa sakit na pinagdaanan.

Ang tanging magpapatatag ditoay kapatawaran

at hindi ang pagsumbat sa kasalanan."

"Piliin mo yung taong handang hawakan ang kamay mo anuman ang sitwasyon. Siya kasi yung taong handang iparamdam sayo na kahit hindi na maganda ang nangyayari hinding hindi ka niya bibitawan."

"Minsan sumigaw ako ng ayaw ko ng magmahal.

Pero nung nakita kita napasigaw ulit ako ng joke lang yun."

Wag kang matakot magkamali,

pwede ka namang magsisi sa huli.

"Part of Life" yan.

Hindi ko naman kailangan ng perfect person na magmamahal sa akin.

Kailangan ko lang ng taong magpapadama sa akin

na kahit anong mangyari hinding hindi niya ako iiwan.

If you have you own Best Tagalog Love Quotes for this Valentines Day, feel free to share it with us and we will be very glad to have it posted here. For more reads, tagalog jokes and latest memes just visit us on or like us Boy Banat Official Facebook Page (

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