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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tagalog Palusot Quotes and Conversations

Tagalog Palusot Quotes and Conversations is a cool collection of hilarious excuses that surely will make you laugh out loud. Have you ever caught sleeping your class? Or got embarrassed in front of your crush? What did you do to escape from that moment? Well, You probably have been in a situation where you need to make an excuse and you have to think as fast as you can. And you're so creative that you were able to make an excuse in a very funny way.

Let's see if one of these Tagalog Palusot Quotes and Conversations has worked or will do for you.

LALAKE: Naku hanap ako ng misis ko

(Nagbihis si lalake)
LALAKE: Lagyan mo ng pulbos yung pantalon ko
KABIT: Bakit?

(pag-uwi ng bahay)
MISIS: At san ka galing?
LALAKE: Ayoko magsinungaling. Nambabae ako
MISIS: Eh puro pulbos ang pantalon mo. Sinungaling! Nag bilyar ka nanaman!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sinong Paniniwalaan Mo? Tagalog Horror Story

There are many short horror stories that circulated the mobile world years ago. But this story is one of most the mind-blowing and creepiest that ever sent to anyone's phone and you might have already read about it. If you haven't then take a little time to read this story entitled Sinong Paniniwalaan Mo? Tagalog Horror Story.

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