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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Banat Lines ng mga Bolero

Banat Lines ng mga Bolero is another compilation of puns and banat lines that "bolero" or "bolera" might tell you to take your heart away. Bolero or bolera is a term for sweet-talker. They tend to indulge you in a smooth conversation and give you compliments that you would love to hear. This person is good at telling you nice words that will fill your tummies with butterflies. But beware as some of them might just playing the game that you don't want play and you might end up heart broken.

Give in to this selection and if you want to win his/her heart, you can pick from these of Banat Lines ng mga Bolero:

Sabi nila ang Disney Land daw ang pinaka-masayang lugar sa mundo.
Ang sabi ko naman eh try mo sa Piling ko, baka magbago isip mo.

*     *     *     *     *

Isang gabi  na nag-ghost hunting sila boy at girl..
Habang naglalakad pababa sa hagdan ng basement, biglang sumigaw si boy..
Boy Banat: halaa! naramdaman mo ba yun?
Girl: (natakot na) HA?! ang alin?!
Boy Banat: na MAHAL NA KITA

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Banat Lines sa mga Torpe

Banat Lines sa mga Torpe is a cool selection of banat lines and puns that you can throw to a "Torpe". What is a torpe in the first place? It is term used to describe a guy who is so in love with a girl or admire a person but is too shy or worst is too coward to express his feelings for her. Shy type they say. This kind of men have hard time to convey his affections for a girl and most often act like innocent and pretentious. Most women easily get annoyed with these men but of course they don't want to make the first move. The bad thing here is because he is afraid to tell what he actually feel deep inside he might never know what the girl also feel for him.

Do you know some torpe out there and you're tired guessing what he really feel towards you? Want to tell something to him? Then this read is definitely for you! Here's Pamatay na Banat sa mga Torpe where you can pick the best message for him :

Ang Torpe mo!
Ga-graduate na tayo...
puro paramdam ka parin..Kaasar!

*     *     *     *     *

Sa sobrang Torpe mo...
tinalo mo pa ang internet connection ko...
sa sobrang bagal mo!

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