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RASTAMAN for President Goes Viral

Filing of Certificate of Candidacy has been held for 2022 Philippine election and surprisingly there are almost a hundred of presidential aspirants. Among them is wittingly unexpected candidate in the name of Rastaman.

Rastaman instantly caught the attention of netizens after an interview about him and his supposed platform to run the country should he win the election. Politics in the country is always on the rough waters with issues here and there. And there goes Rastaman to lighten up your day. But then, who is Rastaman?

Mr. Ronaldo Plaza, well-known as Rastaman Yow is a Filipino citizen who previously filed for senatorial position in 2016 and is now back eyeing the highest political position where his main agenda is to “protect” the territories. He His unusual getup and seemingly sense of humor made him popular in social media and went viral hours after he filed his candidacy.

Rastaman is coined from male Rastafarian which is well known as a religious and political movement that originated from Jamaica.

Why si Rasta Man? 

  • Human 
  • Zombie 
  • Has motorcycle tattoo 
  • Ghost Rider 
  • Umaapoy, May pakpak 
  • May Third eye sa pisngi 
  • Hapini Infinity 

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