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Karen Davila with Lyca Gairanod gives birth to Hilarious Trending Meme

It was last August 14, 2021, veteran reporter Karen Davila uploaded an interview with The Voice Kids season 1 Grand Champion Lyca Gairanod. The interview happened before the re-imposition of the enhanced community quarantine whereas Karen Davila went to Lyca’s hometown of Tanza, Cavite. During the interview, Karen Davila asked the simple question “When is your birthday?” then Lyca replied “November 21” which Karen, shocked and gave such a hilarious reaction because they both have same birthday. That’s the birth of hilarious funny meme that circulates in world of social media sites.

Here are some of our favorite memes and funny jokes from the hilarious Karen Davila and Lyca Gairanod reaction video that trends on social media.

HR: Anong pangalan mo?
Juan: Juan Kumpupot po
HR: Ilang taon?
Juan: Desiotso po
HR: May trabaho?
Juan: Tricycle Driver po
HR: May sidecar ho, Tricycle driver nga eh.

Tatay: Anak, bili ka muna ng toyo sa tindahan
Anak: Mamaya na tay naglalaro pa ako ng saranggola eh
Tatay: Bakit, nakakain ba yang saranggola mo?!
Anak: Bakit din ho, lumilipad ba yang toyo mo?

Jose: Namatay daw ang boyfriend mo?
Julianna: Oo, nasa punerarya, ngayon ang burol niya.
Jose: Condolences
Julianna: Salamat, ang hirap nga pero kailangan tangapin na wala na siya..
Jose: Gusto mo bang ako na lang ang pumalit sa kanya? *kinilig*
Julianna: Hindi ko alam eh.. baka hindi pumayag yung punerarya

Tatay: Anak! Ano to! Bakit F ang nakalagay sa card mo?
Anak: (Pinawisan) Tay, Fasado po kapag ganiyan
Tatay: Mabuti naman! Akala ko Ferfect eh!

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