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Pinoy Horror Quotes and Sayings

Long time ago, Halloween is an unknown word to most Filipinos but today, you can see all kinds of Halloween decorations and costumes in the markets especially in malls. While some observe Halloween by a time of solemn remembrance and meditation and spending time at the grave sites of loved ones.

By this time, Let me share you a Tagalog Horror Quotes that hopefully will give you a goosebumps and make smile you up. Enjoy Guys!

Alam mo ba kung bakit napapanaginipan mo ako?
Ang totoo, nandito ako sa tabi mo habang natutulog ka.
Kahit kaluluwa na lang ako, Masaya pa rin akong kasama ka.

If your have your own Pinoy or Tagalog Horror Quotes, we would love to hear it or just email it to us with a subject: horror quotes and we definitely post it here.


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