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Pinoy Inday Jokes and Banat ni Inday

Inday is the famous 'kasambahay' of all. She's funny and sometimes compulsive. Her way of speaking and how she thinks makes her a box of laughing jokes. We Filipinos always relate her to our daily lives. She's always present in a servant-master scenario that has been very prevalent in our country. Here are some Pinoy Inday Jokes and Banat ni Inday that will definitely make your day a little brighter and funnier.


Amo: inday, may pulubi s gate,paalisinn mo nga..
Inday: Right away!
Inday to Beggar: hey you putrid-smelling beggar with the diverse ambiance of scented junk that assails everybody’s nostrils & carbon free lungs, please go away now!
Beggar: What?! Who do you think you are?!You pathetic trying hard nanny! how could you, a social climber & very low grade mammal, underestimate a high-class beggar like me? what the  hell with u!
Inday: nakakasakit kana ah! mam oh,ayaw umalis oh..hehe!

**********   *

Inday caregiver

Isang araw, nagulat ang amo dahil bumalik ang naglayas na si Inday.
Amo: Inday! Bumalik ka rin! Bakit?
Inday: I care about my job, Sir. I care about you!

**********   *

Amo: Inday, ba't umiiyak ka?
Inday: Sabi po ng doktor tatanggalan daw ako ng butlig..
Amo: Butlig lang iiyak ka na?!!

Inday: Okay lang kung right lig o lep lig lang, kaso but lig eh!

**********   *

Phone Bills

Tatay: Laki ng PLDT bills dito sa bahay. i don’t use this phone naman, i use my office phone.
Nanay: Same here. I use my work phone.
Anak: Me too, i use my company phone.
Inday: So what’s the problem? We all use the phone in our work, di ba?

**********   *

Puyat si Inday

Inday: Walang hiyang kang lalaki ka pinuyat mo ako kagabi
Dodong: Bakit ano ba ginawa ko
Inday: Nagsasalita ka ng mga pangalan ng mga babae merong Tina, Marie, Rose etc.ect.etc
Dodong: So ano ngayon, ano kinalaman ko sa pagkapuyat mo
Inday: Hinihintay ko kc banggitan mo pangalan ko eh

**********   *


Nakaraan ang dalawang araw, umuwi ang amo,
nakitang me bukol si junior.
Amo: Bakit me bukol si junior?
Inday: Compromising safety with useless aesthetics, the not-so-well engineered architectural design of our kitchen lavatory affected the boy's cranium with a slight boil at the left temple near the auditory organ.
Amo: (nosebleed) T_T

Chop Suey

sa isang sikat na restaurant..

Waiter: Ano po order nila, ma'am, sir?
Amo: whole roasted chicken meal na lang. Ikaw Inday, ano order mo?
Inday: I would like to partake of a dish sauteed pork and chicken boiled in thick essence of soy sauce & veggies, like carrots, cauliflower, and baguio beans.  Sprinkled generously with fine spices and spring onion, generously helping of rootcrop and rice!
Amo: bigyan mo raw ng chopseuy 'tong abnormal na 'to! lagyan mo marang vetsin nang mamatay na!

**********   *

Tumawag si Pacquiao

(Pacquiao’s calling)
Inday: Gunaydin! (Good morning in Turkish)
Pacquiao: Hilow! Is Mr. Montinigru ober dir? I want to jas know ip can he be here to

catch me in di ring por di fight? I can be winning. Im not to be in di lose.
Inday: ha? (nosebleed)
-na knockout sa Inglis ni Manny! Sa wakas natalo rin si Inday.

Echoserang Inday

Amo: Kelangan namin ng katulong para mag ayos ngbahay, magluto, maglaba, magplantsa, mamalengke,at magbantay ng mga bata. Kaya mo ba ang lahat ng ito?
Inday: I believe that my trained skills andexpertise in management with the use of standardtools, and my discipline and experience willcontribute significantly to the value of thework that you want, my creativity, productivityand work-efficiency and the high quality ofoutcomes I can offer will boost the workprogress.
Amo: (nosebleed) T_T

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