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Falling in Love with a Friend Who Can't Love You Back

Things changed suddenly. You’re listening to your playlist and days seem so uncomfortable. When your ears are tired, you would just want to lie on your bed and closed your eyes but sleep is so hard to get.  Pain will start to crawl over into your chest, in your stomach until it consumes your whole body. Then you will hug your pillow and realized that you can't be just like that so you'll try to do something. Things still hurt. Really hurt. You used to go to your favorite hangouts and go back home from school together. You were friends for so long. How many times he told you that you are his friend? You can't even remember and all you know is you're getting sick of being his buddy. More than a friend.  His girlfriend – that’s what you want to be. He got a girlfriend and you were asking yourself if you have the right to be jealous. When that girl broke his heart, you hated her and how much you wanted to say, “I’m just here. Let me be your girlfriend”. You don't even know how you are going to tell him that you're falling in love with him. But because you're so hopeless you had an ounce of courage to tell him but then it was not a good move.

You lose him in just one moment and it's been days since the last time you saw him. We hope you can reflect from these messages about Falling in Love with a Friend Who Can't Love You Back :

"Heart to heart talks,
Holding hands…
Learning on shoulders tight hugs
Goodbye kisses, half meant jokes
Sweet complements..
Then just Friends? Are you kidding me"?

"Be contented on what you have..
But know when to to the first move..
When you feel that you love each other
More than just a friend…"

*      *      *      *      *

"Whether you choose to take the next step
Or keep the feeling inside..
Important thing is you’re happy
And you still have each other…"

Truth is going to hurt and you have nothing to do but to accept it. You've done everything for him in hope that someday he will recognize all your efforts and eventually will feel the same way. He does appreciate everything. He loves you. Yes he does but just as a friend. Could not be more than that.

"It's better to be just friends with the one I love
because in the end, no hearts will be broken,
no love is wasted, no commitment will be torn apart".

*      *      *      *      *

"Love comes in our life in a very tricky way…
Sometimes, we think we’re in love not knowing
That we’re really just friends…
But sometimes we stick too much to friendship…
That we forget we’re in love…"

*      *      *      *      *

"You can never be just friends with someone you used to love,
because a little part of you will always love them".

*      *      *      *      *

"I know we’re just friend
But I still smile everytime
I see your name come up on my phone".

True! Sometimes you can't have both friendship and love. You should never expect that he will always feel the way you do. You have to choose between the two else things will never be the same and definitely you can't afford to see him go. Well, the truth is, he just can’t love you in return. There's no new chapter to a story that you want to start. Once you let him know, it could be the start of the end so you better think twice.

"Should I smile because we’re Friends?
Or should I cry because that's all we'll ever be"

*      *      *      *      *

"You may think that we're just friends,
But you really don’t know how much you mean to me"!

*      *      *      *      *

"We're close but I know I'm just a friend to you,
a friend by your side watching everything you do,
a friend who would never leave you for someone new,
a friend who won't make you feel blue.
A friend you see, who happened to fall for you."

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