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5 Meaningful Love Quotes on AlDub's Most Awaited First Date

It was September 19, 2015, when the AlDub nation most awaited moment in Eat Bulaga's Kalye Serye segment happened. The much anticipated first date of King Bae Alden Richards and Dubsmash Queen Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) that rock the Twitter-verse with unprecedented 12.1 million tweets. Avid fans are excited for they finally had the chance of their lives. We've been following since their first glance until this very day that made us burp butterflies.

Lola Nidora finally allowed the two to have their first date but as usual under certain conditions. One is they were not allowed to touch each other and should not rush the moment. Lastly, Yaya needs to be back to Lola before the show ends. Fans had witnessed the preparation they've gone through before the date. They had to make sure they things will going to be fine and remarkable. Before Yaya and Alden meet, there are some quotes that are posted to remind them the meaning of love. If you missed them, here's 5 Meaningful Love Quotes on AlDub's Most Awaited First Date :

1. One of the best feelings in the world
is knowing that your presence and absence
both mean something to someone."

2. "Love is sweet
when it's new,
but it's sweeter
when it's true."

3. "Sa Pag-ibig,
walang malalim na dagat
sa Pag-ibig,
walang malayong landas."

4. "Words can't say what Love can do!"

5. "When someone else's happiness
is your happiness, iba na yan!"

Did you also have that fluttering feeling? We had and we couldn't wait for more. Keep posted on the latest AlDub reads and updates here at and we will surely feature more about your favorite love team. If you also have your own quotes collection, feel free to share with us. You can also visit our Facebook page at


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