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National Heroes Day Tagalog Quotes for every Filipinos must read

National Heroes' Day considered national holiday of Philippines, this is to celebrate to pay tribute to all other known or nameless men and women who sacrificed their lives for Philippine independence. Philippines community celebrate this day with a great devotion and passion. This event usually falls on every fourth Monday of August.  This is a ideal day to remember the life and work of all these enormous people. Appreciate our National Heroes quotes collection.

In that appreciation, here are some inspirational and patriotic National Heroes' Day Tagalog Quotes by the country's National Heroes to help you  honor them.

"Ang pagsusumikap at pagpipilit na kumita
ng ikakabuhay ay nagpapahayag ng tunay na pagmamahal
sa sarili, sa asawa, anak, kapatid, at kababayan."
~ Andres Bonifacio
Kartilya ng Katipunan

"Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika,
daig pa ang hayop at malansang isda."
(He who does not love his own language
is worse than an animal and smelly fish.)
~ Dr. Jose Rizal

"Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan
ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan."
"He who does not know how to look back
at where he came from will never get to his destination."
~ Dr. Jose Rizal

"The Filipino Is Worth Dying For"
~ Ninoy Aquino

"My loyalty to my party ends where my loyalty to the country begins."
~ Manuel L. Quezon

" belongs to no party, nor does it desire to form one; it stands for nothing save the interest of the fatherland."
~ Apolinario Mabini

"Ang tunay na kabanalan ay ang pagkakawang-gawa, ang pag-ibig sa kapwa at ang isukat ang bawat kilos, gawa’t pangungusap sa talagang katuwiran."
~ Emilio Jacinto

“Kung papipiliin ako sa lalaking matalinung-matalino ngunit walang puso at lalaking punung-puno ang puso ng pag-ibig ngunit walang talino, pipiliin ko ang huli.”
~ Jose Abad Santos

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Tagalog Christmas Love Quotes that you want to Send to your Love One


Christmas is only once every year. We celebrate and remember those past Christmas that we have spent with our loved ones. Ever tried thinking about peculiar ways in greeting your loved ones this coming Christmas Season? Check out these Tagalog Christmas Quotes that you want to Send to your Love One. This will help you greet your crush, girlfriend or boyfriend and special someone in a new way. Just send them these and they will surely love it!

Sabi sa kanta "Give Love on Christmas Day".
Kaya inaasahan kong sa Pasko mamahalin mo na ko.

*      *      *      *       *

"Sa pagsapit ng pasko, ikaw ang nasa isip ko.
Kaya naman bago ako mamili ng mga regalo,
Nais kong bumati sayo ng Maligayang Pasko"

"Sabi sa kanta "Give Love on Christmas Day"..
Kaya inaasahan kong sa Pasko mamahalin mo na ko"

*      *      *      *       *

"Ang pagmamahal ko sa'yo ay parang candy cane..
matamis hanggang dulo."

*      *      *      *       *

"Sana naging SANTA nalang ako para iREGALO ko yung sarili ko
.............. "SAYO"."

*      *      *      *       *

"Ang Christmas daw ay season of sharing,
Kaya eto oh, sayong sayo ang puso ko."

*      *      *      *       *

"Ito ang mensahe ng Pasko:
"Hindi tayo kahit kailanman nag-iisa"
kaya samahan mo ako."

*      *      *      *       *

"Hindi naman ako naghahangad ng sobra ngayong Pasko.
Ang gusto ko lang ang taong bumabasa nito, ay manatili pa rin sa buhay ko."

*      *      *      *       *

"Dear Santa, makita ko lang na nakangiti sya, masaya na ako."

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Tagalog Fathers Day Quotes and Sayings

Tagalog Father's Day Quotes and Sayings is a treasurable collection of quotes and sayings that you can share with your beloved man on his special day. Being a father is a tough job. He should always be there to provide and protect your family. He is ought to plan for the better future of their children. A father make it sure that the foundation of his family is strong and that nothing can break it. He maybe strict for most of the time but he just wanted to keep us safe as the world is so uncertain. A father is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up. He wants us to find our your own way of instead of keeping us from making mistakes but that surely breaks his heart aches in silence when we get hurt. He teaches us in his own ways that we often misunderstood them and sometimes thought that mom is a better parent than him.

Father’s Day is truly for all men who give of themselves with a father’s heart. It's an excellent time to let them know how much you love them and thank them for everything. Express your respect and gratitude for the man you love on this day. If you are stuck from conveying a message for him then here's Tagalog Father's Day Quotes and Sayings that you can share with them :

Ang pinaka importanteng magagawa ng isang ama para sa kanyang mga anak,
ay mahalin nitong tunay ang kanyang kabiyak. Happy Fathers Day!

*     *     *     *     *

Maagang gumigising ang isang ulirang Ama,
Para sa kanyang Pamilya na umaasa sa kanya

Happy Mothers Day Quotes and Sayings Collection

Nothing can be compared to the love a mother has for her children. Your love is incomparable, unconditional and inseparable. No matter where do you go or what should you do, at the end of the day You always find yourself finding solace of your Mother's advice. Happy Mother’s day!

Check out our collection of inspiring, warmest, and the latest Mothers Day Quotes and Sayings Collection will surely make you inspire by for you and to share with. If you have your own favorite Mothers Day Quotes and Sayings even in Tagalog / Pinoy, we would love to hear it, simply add a comment below or just email it to us with a subject: mothers day, and will posted up for you. Hope you'll like it!

I may not always spell it out to you but you are everything to me. I must have often denied, but the truth is that I can never ever survive without you. I owe you so much, but you will never ask. For all of this and much more, thank you dearest mother. Happy Mother’s day.


I love you so much. I am lucky because I have you. Some love one some love two but I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!!


I always pray to God, May you live long, May you always be with me.  Love you more than my life.  Love You Mom.

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