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Showing posts with label Banat ng mga Gwapo at Pogi. Show all posts

Banat Lines ng Gwapo at Pogi

Banat Lines ng Gwapo at Pogi is another cool collection of banat lines about being handsome, good-looking or gorgeous. There are a lot of advantages when a man got the looks and style that every girls would dream of. When you're handsome, you can easily sweep off a girl's feet and win her heart. You can't deny that you feel flattered when you learn that someone got a crush on you. But of course, not only the physical appearance that counts. Still attitude matters. You may have the face but if you lack the good personality then still minus "pogi points" on you.

Due to public demands of our avid banateros and banateras, here's another compilation of Banat Lines ng Gwapo at Pogi that you can share with your friends out there. And if you feel that you have what it takes to be "gwapo" or "pogi" then this read is for you :

Sa sobrang Pogi ko, nung ang Audition ako sa Mr.Pogi
Ako pa ang naging Judge!

*     *    *    *     *

Hindi lahat ng Gwapo suplado
Yung iba dyan suplada! hahaha

Mga Gwapo vs Mga Panget Funny Jokes

Gwapo vs Panget Funny Jokes is a selection of hilarious jokes comparing the differences in character, ability or personality of handsome and people they consider "ugly".  There's so many perks of being handsome than being less attractive that's why we tend to have a different perception between these two people. We often perceive a better concept of humanity when a guy is handsome and the other is not. For example, if a handsome person smiles, he draws attention but when an "ugly" one smiles no one cares. So many jokes were already cracked about being attractive and not so good-looking and it's up to you if you would take them seriously. But one thing is important, it doesn't matter how or what you look like. As long as you have the courage and you know that you're not doing anything wrong then stand for yourself. You may not be as gorgeous as the other but at least you're a real person. Just laugh at all the puns and witticism.

This read doesn't intend to cause unfair judgement among people but rather to make you realize the different perspective of how we see each other that could somehow make you think twice or more. Laugh out loud with these amusing Gwapo vs Panget Funny Jokes :

Kapag Gwapo ang Tumabi, SOULMATE
Kapag Pangit, HOLDAPER

*     *     *     *     *

Kapag ang ngumingiti ay guwapo, ang sabi nila eh FRIENDLY
Kapag ang ngumingiti ay pangit, ang sabi nila eh BASTOS

Pamatay na Banat ng mga Gwapo at Pogi

Pamatay na Banat ng mga Gwapo at Pogi is a cool collection of quotes and pick-up lines about being handsome. Being handsome means a lot to a guy especially to girls who dream of having a good-looking boyfriend. There are guys  who really got the face as if they fetched everything when God has scattered handsomeness. Well, handsome is as  handsome does. Just always remember that it is more important to treat other well than to be good-looking. Just because you are good-looking doesn't mean you're a good person. Attitude still counts.

Read more of our Pamatay na Banat ng mga Gwapo at Pogi that are worth to share with your friends:

Aanhin ko pa ang pangalan ko?
Kung tinatawag nyo kong Gwapo. Haaaay.

*     *     *      *      *

Nagsearch ako sa google "Most handsome man to ever exist in this planet"
bigla gumana printer ko naprint birth certificate ko.

Nakakita ako ng lampara, may genie pala, binigyan nya ako ng isang wish...
sabi ko "papangitin nyo ko"! sabe nya, di pwede, sumpa yan.

*     *     *     *     *

Nung isang beses nag Push-Up ako sa Gym,
laking gulat ko nang bigla nalang sumulpot na muka sa ilalim ko.
Sabay sabi saken "kuya anakan mo ako".

If you have your own Pamatay na Banat ng mga Gwapo at Pogi, feel free to share it with us and have it posted here. :)  More Gwapo and Pogi Banat HERE!

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