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List of Tagalog Traffic Hugot Lines


Everyday, we try to associate things on the happenings that we encounter in our lives. We relate those particular moments into the reality we are facing, especially in our affection and love for someone. Stucked in a traffic? Have nothing to do? Come and take a look at this List of Tagalog Traffic Hugot Lines that will surely entertain you in to another level. Drawn from your deep feelings, post these on your social media accounts and let the world know how you feel.

"Ang Paglalakbay natin sa buhay ay tulad sa batas trapiko.
Alam natin kung kailan maghahanda, ititigil at magpapatuloy
Higit sa lahat ng sumusunod sa batas"

*      *      *      *       *

"Hopeless, minsan lovelife mo
pero Madalas Trapik"

*      *      *      *       *

"Akala mo lang mo lang walang FOREVER,
pero MERON"

"Buti ka pa naka Move-On na
ako Hindi pa! (rush hour eh!)"

*      *      *      *       *

"Liliko ako kahit saan,
Makarating lang sa Kinaroroonan mo"

*      *      *      *       *

"Hintayin mo ang True Love mo.
Na Traffic lang yun sa malalanding tao"

*      *      *      *       *

"Minsan nakakatulong din na malaman mo
na marami pala kayong sawi!"

"Aaanhin mo ang Google Maps,
Kung ang kalagayan mo ay masaklap."

*      *      *      *       *

"Yung akala mo lang na may patutunguhan kayo
yun pala, Wala!"

*      *      *      *       *

"Sa Tindi ng Trapik sa EDSA,
Naniniwala na ako sa FOREVER"

The usage of "hugot" became popular among these days, you can easily let people know what you really feel. It may sound funny or corny but people still stick to these "hugots". These are like poems and literarys but on the level where anyone can relate. Fond of making these "hugot"statements? Stay tuned for more and share your thoughts in the comment box at and  

Pokemon Go Tagalog Quotes and Hugot Lines That You Want to Catch


It's been a week since Pokemon Go was officially released here in the Philippines. The much awaited mobile application is a free, augmented reality game for iOS and Android went live in July in selected countries. The mobile game quickly gained popularity as it evoke nostaglia among avid fans of the anime Pokemon.

While most players are busy searching and levelling up their Pokemon, some are just creative because they were able to make puns and relatable quotes out of it. So as you want to be the best like no one ever was, here are some Pokemon Go Tagalog Quotes and Hugot Lines That You Want to Catch.

"Mabuti pa ang Pokemon Go official na...
Tayo kaya?"

*     *     *     *     *

"Hindi ako Pokestop
na daanan mo lang pagnakuha mo na ang gusto mo"!

*     *     *     *     *
"Ang pokemon parang sex lang yan
kapag pinag-sawaan na hanap ng ibang pokemon yung mas malaki"

*     *     *     *     *

"Ang dami ko nang pokemon nahuli..
but I still choose you"!

"Buti pa ang pokemon nag-eevolve..
Pero ang feelings natin bigla nadisolve..
Parang math problem na mahirap ng isolve..
Kaya bumitaw ka, ngayon I have no hands to hold,
Ngayon ang buhay ko sa pokemon go na lang nagrerevolve.
And the only reason kung bakit ako nagloload."

*     *     *     *     *

"Buti pa si Pikachu my spark, tayo wala"

*     *     *     *     *

"Para kang POKESTOP. Yung kahit pinapaikot na, bigay pa din ng bigay.
kahit paulit-ulit, hindi pa rin nadadala."

"Akala ko kaibigan kita, hindi pala,
Isa kang palng Ekans! Baka nga Arbok pa"!

*     *     *     *     *

"ENTEI ka ng ENTEI sa kanya,
yun pala nakuwa na ng iba"!

You really can get enough of Pokemon Go and it's not too soon to catch 'em all. If you've also got some Pokemon Quotes to share, don't hesitate to leave a comment below or Contact Us to have them featured here at Don't forget to visit Boy Banat Official Facebook Page for more hugot lines and quotes. 

Cute Banat Lines ng College and University

It's really amazing how a university name or team mascot is wittingly used as another way to sweep off someone's feet and in punch line of a joke. We've gathered some of the popular Cute Banat Lines ng College and University that has once captured not only the hearts of college girls but most of the girls of any age. It's a mere play on words to win your attention and see how the creative idea was unleashed.You can't deny it that once in awhile you fell for these puns and may had utterred one of these lines way back then. Well, you can still share it with your friends to know their reactions.

We can say that these lines were well-received and generally gained positive acceptance from those who had already heard and read it. Hope you can also enjoy these Cute Banat Lines ng College and University.

Lasalista (La Salle): Miss, ARCHER ka rin ba?
Girl: Ha!? bakit?
Lasalista (La Salle):Di mo pa nga ko pinapana, Tinamaan na ako sayo!

*    *     *     *    *

Ateneo (Ateneo): Miss, EAGLE ka ba?
Girl: Ha!? bakit?
Atenista (Ateneo): Gusto ko sanang lumipad kasama ka.

Banat Lines ng Mag-Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Banat Lines ng Mag-Boyfriend and Girlfriend is collection of puns and pick-up lines that you can share with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Relationship need not to be so romantic but a little kulitan will spice it up. One of the keys to a healthy relationship is enjoying yourselves and doing some fun activities together. As couple, it's not just about the three-letter-word to keep it working but to be filled with laughs and unforgettable memories are great help to a successful relationship. Try to indulge your partner in a playful conversation like tweaking romantic lines into a pick-up line. That will not just draw smile on that person's face and put laugh in her heart but will surely fill her tummy with butterflies .

There's a lot to say to your loved one and if you are running out of words then here's a selection of Banat Lines ng Mag-Boyfriend and Girlfriend that you can say to him/her :

Boyfriend: Malapit na ang Pasko, ano ang gusto mo?
Girlfriend: PSP mo.
Boyfriend: PSP ko?
Girlfriend: Oo... PSP mo ... Pasko Sa Piling mo

*     *     *     *     *

Nakakainis ka! napaka isip bata mo masyado kang childish! gusto mo gawin kitang . . Baby Ko?

Banat Lines sa Kulang sa Pansin at Epal

Banat Lines sa Kulang sa Pansin at Epal is another collection of banat lines or puns that you can throw to a person they call "epal" or "kulang sa pansin" (KSP)". The term is a Tagalog slang for the one who likes to always butt in or intrude in a conversation or situation and be given attention in things that don't concern them. Most of the time these kind of people are annoying and you just want to ignore them.

You may know someone epal or KSP and if you want to tell something to them that will hit through their mind then you're this piece is for you. It's time to strike back to them and you can choose from these Banat Lines sa Kulang sa Pansin at Epal :

Boy: Lamok kaba?
Girl: bakit?
Boy: kasi sinisipsip mong pagmamahal ko eh

(bumawi si girl)
Girl: Kanal ka ba?
Boy: Bakit?
Girl: Kasi tanga nalang ang mahuhulog sayo

(bumawi naman si boy)
Boy: Alam mo nanununtok ako ng maganda
Girl: Cge nga suntukin mo nga ako
Boy: Bakit maganda kaba?

Banat Lines ng mga Bolero

Banat Lines ng mga Bolero is another compilation of puns and banat lines that "bolero" or "bolera" might tell you to take your heart away. Bolero or bolera is a term for sweet-talker. They tend to indulge you in a smooth conversation and give you compliments that you would love to hear. This person is good at telling you nice words that will fill your tummies with butterflies. But beware as some of them might just playing the game that you don't want play and you might end up heart broken.

Give in to this selection and if you want to win his/her heart, you can pick from these of Banat Lines ng mga Bolero:

Sabi nila ang Disney Land daw ang pinaka-masayang lugar sa mundo.
Ang sabi ko naman eh try mo sa Piling ko, baka magbago isip mo.

*     *     *     *     *

Isang gabi  na nag-ghost hunting sila boy at girl..
Habang naglalakad pababa sa hagdan ng basement, biglang sumigaw si boy..
Boy Banat: halaa! naramdaman mo ba yun?
Girl: (natakot na) HA?! ang alin?!
Boy Banat: na MAHAL NA KITA

Banat Lines sa mga Torpe

Banat Lines sa mga Torpe is a cool selection of banat lines and puns that you can throw to a "Torpe". What is a torpe in the first place? It is term used to describe a guy who is so in love with a girl or admire a person but is too shy or worst is too coward to express his feelings for her. Shy type they say. This kind of men have hard time to convey his affections for a girl and most often act like innocent and pretentious. Most women easily get annoyed with these men but of course they don't want to make the first move. The bad thing here is because he is afraid to tell what he actually feel deep inside he might never know what the girl also feel for him.

Do you know some torpe out there and you're tired guessing what he really feel towards you? Want to tell something to him? Then this read is definitely for you! Here's Pamatay na Banat sa mga Torpe where you can pick the best message for him :

Ang Torpe mo!
Ga-graduate na tayo...
puro paramdam ka parin..Kaasar!

*     *     *     *     *

Sa sobrang Torpe mo...
tinalo mo pa ang internet connection ko...
sa sobrang bagal mo!

Pamatay na Banat ng mga Naka-Move On

Pamatay na Banat ng mga Naka-Move On is a cool collection of banat lines all about moving on. No one ever said that moving on is going to be easy especially when the one who broke your heart is the person you love the most or the one you admire doesn't feel the same way. But there are ways to make it easier for you. Like thinking the other side of the relationship that you had or looking at another perspective why it didn't work for the two of you. Why not try adding some humor in the process and see how it works.

If you're going through a hard time to get over someone then this read is for you. Let these Pamatay na Banat ng mga Naka-Move On open up your mind and realize that moving on is not always bitterness but also betterness :

Saka mo lang malalaman na PANGET pala talga ang EX mo
Kapag naka-MOVE on ka na.

*     *     *     *     *

Ayokong nasasanay sa mga bagay na
pwede namang palang wala sa buhay ko
kaya Tsupi!!!  Nakamove-on na ako.

Pamatay na Banat ng mga SINGLE

Pamatay na Banat ng mga SINGLE is a cool, cute and timely collection of banat lines by a single person. When you're single, it's not necessarily a bad thing for a person. Most of the time, it's way too better than being in an unhealthy relationship with the wrong person. A single person does not have to mean being alone. Being one could mean so many good things like you can hang out with friends, meet more people and enjoy a cup of coffee with anyone you want to be with. You can also take time for yourself.

Can you imagine the perks of being a single? Well, just remember that if you're not happy with yourself being single then you won't be happy in a relationship either. You have to create your own life first before you can share it someone else. Here's a selection of Pamatay na Banat ng mga Single that you can relate and share with your friends.

Bakit ka malulungkot na single ka?
Kung marami namangtaken ang gustong ikaw ang kasama?

*     *     *     *     *

Hindi natin kailangang pumasok sa isang relasyon...
para malaman ang tunay na kahulugan ng pag-ibig!

Banat ng Bolero and Mga Pambobolang Banat

Banat ng Bolero and Mga Pambobolang Banat is a collection of banat or pick-up lines from sweet-talkers known as bolero. "Pambobola" is a Tagalog word in the meaning when a person, usually a guy, is giving compliments, sweet or nice things to another person but seems too much. "Bolero" is the one who do this sweet-talking. These kind of men are so creative in tailoring words to express what they feel for someone they really admire or most of the time to sweep off a girls' feet or simply flatter them. They can even whisper the sweetest words that every women would love to hear as if music to their ears.

Most of the time, a simple line can take a woman's breath away and enough to win her heart. Here are some cute and funny Bolerong Banat and Mga Pambobolang Banat to fill a girl's tummy with butterflies!

Boy: Naniniwala ka ba sa love at first sight?
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: Oh gusto mong dumaan ulit ako?

*     *     *     *     *

Boy: Grabe nakakatawa yung mga pick-up lines noh? hahaha!
Girl: Hihihi, bakit naman?
Boy: May alam ka pa bang iba? Wala na akong maisip eh! Coz all i ever think of is you.

Boy: Hindi tayo tao.. Hindi tayo hayop.
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: BAGAY tayo. BAGAY talaga tayo.

Boy: May butas ba puso mo?
Girl: Ha! Bakit?
Boy:  Kasi natrap na ako sa loob, can’t find my way out!

Boy: May kilala ka bang gumagawa ng relo?
Girl: Wala eh, bakit?
Boy: May sira ata relo ko.. pag ikaw kasi kasama ko, humihinto ang oras ko.

*     *     *     *     *

Boy:Maghanda ka na ng salbabida… 
Girl: Bakit naman?
Boy: Kasi lulunurin kita sa pagmamahal ko

*     *     *     *     *

How can you “SM_LE” without ‘I’?
How can you be “F_NE” without ‘I’?
How can you “W_SH” without ‘I’?
How can you be “FR_END” without ‘I’?
“I” am very important!
But this “I” can never achieve “S_CCESS” without “U”!

If you have your favorite Banat ng Bolero and Mga Pambobolang Banat, you can share it with us and have them featured here. Feel free to contact us. More Bolero Lines and Pambobolang Banat HERE

Pamatay na Banat sa mga Tao na "Plastic" and Tagalog Banat sa Plastik na Tao

Pamatay na Banat sa mga Tao na "Plastic" and Tagalog Banat sa Plastik na Tao is a collection of banat lines to the person of somehow they called "Backstabber", a person that are only powerful and talks against you when you got back turned. To handle this kind of people is be careful about who you trust or talking to, because not everyone around you and smiles at you is on your side.

Check out this Pamatay na Banat sa mga Plastic and Tagalog Banat sa Plastik na Tao and learn how to deal with this people by saying this funny tagalog banat lines.

Hay naku! Kung pwede lang itapon lahat ng mga kaibigan sa dagat.
Edi sana matagal ko ng ginawa para lumutang
kung sino talaga ang mga plastic.

*     *     *     *     *

(Sa isang swimming pool)
Girl Banat: Pagtumalon ka dyan Siguradong lulutang ka!
Maldita Girl: bakit dahil payat ako?
Girl Banat: hindi! Kasi PLASTIC ka..

*     *     *     *     *

At least ngayon alam ko na...dba ??
hinde ka LATA.. PLASTIC ka lang.

Banat ng Tamad

Banat ng Tamad is a library of Pinoy funny quotes and jokes about laziness and being sluggish. Lazy people tend not to take chances, but rather express themselves by making diverting excuses. Sometimes those excuses are  use to crack jokes in movies and comedy series and instead of feeling mad, you'll find yourself smiling because you earned an idea to reason out whenever you don't feel like doing anything.

Well, being lazy sometimes is great and here's Banat ng Tamad compilation to help you reason out :

Hindi ako Tamad!
Hindi ko lang Alam kung saan ko ilalaan ang kasipagan ko! XD

*     *     *     *     *

Di bale ng Tamad!
Di naman Pagod! XD

*     *     *     *     *

Sa sobrang dami kong pangarap sa buhay...
Tinatamad na akong abutin silang lahat! XD

Hindi naman ako tamad
Sadyang masipag lang ako magpahinga

Ang batang masipag paglaki katulong
Ang batang tamad syempre boss
kaya lahat tayo maging tamad
Mabuhay ang mga Tamad! XD

*     *     *     *     *

Kung may gagawin ka ngayon...
wag mo na ituloy...
Sige ka, wala ka ng gagawin bukas! XD

*     *     *     *     *

Walang taong tamad, unmotivated lang! XD

*     *     *     *     *

Hindi ako tamad...
Ayoko ko lang mapagod! XD

*     *     *     *     *

Hindi ako Tamad,
Nagpapahinga lang ako.....bago Mapagod!

*     *     *     *     *

Pag ba sinabing Tamad, Ako ng agad...
Di ba pwedeng yung nag-uutos muna! XD

*     *     *     *     *

Sorry, nung umulang kasi ng kasipagan..
Nagpayong Ako! XD

If you have your own Banat ng Tamad, feel free to share it with us. It's a great opportunity to have them posted here.

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Mga Banat sa Malalandi

Flirts are just around the corner. They play games with your heart and love fooling around. If you are thinking of the best banat that will surely struck someone you know is flirting around, then we've got ones. 

Check out this extensive collection of funniest and the latest Mga Banat sa Malalandi by Boy Banat. If you have your own favorite Malanding Banat, we would love to hear it, simply add a comment below or just email it to us with a subject: malanding banat, and will posted up for you. For entertainment purpose only and hope you'll like it!

Husay lumandi! Bigyan ng scholarship. Baka sakaling maging magna-cumLANDI.


Ang mga MALALANDI, Natatalo ang mga MAGAGANDA,
Pero Kung MALANDI ka na tapos MAGANDA ka pa,
EH P_#@nG!N@ mo na, Ikaw na The BEST ka!!


Lumandi ng naaayon sa ganda. Para hindi magmukang tanga.
Over ka sa kalandian, mukha ka namang PAA!

Tagalog Halloween Banat and Pickup Lines

Catholic Christians and other Christian faiths celebrated the All Saints day on November 1, and in Catholic consider this as mandatory holiday. The following day, November 2 they celebrated it as All Souls day, which Catholic beliefs about the souls in Purgatory (temporary punishment by which those who die in a state of grace are believed to be made ready for Heaven) are especially remembered.

Here's a extensive collection of funny, spooky and scariest Tagalog Halloween Banat and Pickup Lines, made just for you and to share with. If you have your own favorite Tagalog Halloween Banat, we would love to hear it, simply add a comment below or just email it to us with a subject: banat halloween, and will posted up for you. Hope you'll like it!

Pag ako namatay, gusto ko itong cel ko kasama sa kabaong ko
para pag namimiss mo ko, tetext mo na lang , tapos malay mo...
unlimited ako, text text tayo heheehe

*********   *

Gusto mo bang masama sa isang pelikula? kasama mo pa nga sila, FPJ, Nida Blanka, Rudy Fernandez, Babalu at Rico Yan? Ang pamagat ng pelikula, Ikaw na lang ang hinihintay! ano payag ka ba?!? XD

Check out also this Funny Halloween Pranks video

Bago ka matulog: pansinin mo naman ang matandang nakaitim sa pintuan ng kwarto mo.. ingat sa pagkilos baka madaganan mo ang batang nasa ilalim ng kumot mo… kumusta naman ang babaeng nasa loob ng cabinet mo duguan pa rin ba..? Ang lalaking nakabarong sa unan mo natagpuan na ba ang ulo nya..? Napapansin mo bang sobrang tahimik ng kapaligiran wala kang maririnig kundi ungol ng mga di matahimik na kaluluwa.. Cge tulog ka na Gud nyt!..ingat!

*********   *

Darating rin ang araw, mapapasakin rin yang katawan mo. -Sementeryo

*********   *

Tinatamad ka bang dalawin ang iyong loved ones sa
sementeryo? Text DALAW ON at e send sa 2366 Sila mismo ang
dadalaw sayo Text na! hehehehhe….

Please click image to Zoom in

Pambarang Banat and Pamatay na Banat na Pambara

Check out this collection of best, funny, makulet and the latest Pambarang Banat, made just for you and to share with. If you have your own favorite Pamatay na Banat na Pambara, we would love to hear it, simply add a comment below or just email it to us with a subject: pambara, and will posted up for you. Hope you'll like it!

Boy: Ano ka ba ang tanga mo naman.
Girl: Ano? pakuulit tanga ako? so you think tanga ako?
Boy: OO ang tanga-tanga mo!
Girl: Eh sira Ulo ka pala eh! Pasalamat ka tanga ako.. kasi kung naging matalino ako.. HINDI IKAW ANG BF KO NGAYON!

**********   *

Boy: Patay na raw BF mo?
Girl: Oo.
Boy: Pwede ako na lang pumalit sa kanya?
Girl: Kung papayag ang funerarya.

Check out this video featuring Pambara Pickup Lines

Boy: Miss, may kamukha kang artista. Anne Curtis.
Girl: Ikaw may kamukha ka ding artista. Kapatid mo si Bentong noh?

**********   *

Boy: Hi Cute, my titulo kaba.?
Girl: wala bkit?
Boy: Tingin ko kasi pag aari kita.
Girl: How sweet! ,ilang pages ka ba.?
Boy: (confused)Bkit?

**********   *

Boy: Miss, pwede bang makipagkilala?
Girl: eto piso, pumunta ka sa payphone, humanap ka ng pangalan sa phonebook, doon ka makipagkilala.

**********   *

Boy: hindi ka ba nasisikipan?
Girl: bakit?
Boy: parang ang liit kasi ng puso ko eh..
Girl: actually nasisikipan nga ako, tumabi tabi ka na! imbyerna ka!

**********   *

Boy : Hello..
Girl : Hello..
Boy : Kumain ka na..?
Girl : Kumain ka na..?
Boy : Ginagaya mo ba ako..?
Girl : Ginagaya mo ba ako..?
Boy : I Love You..
Girl : Oo, kumain na ako..

**********   *

Boy: hindi ka ba napapagod?
Girl: bakit?
Boy: tumatakbo ka kasi sa isip ko eh
Girl: actually pagod na ako. pagod na akong makipagusap sayo

**********   *

Boy: sige na sagutin mo na ako....please please
Girl: Idol mo ba si Antonio Banderas??
Boy: bakit?
Girl: kasi DESPERADO ka. kairita!

**********   *

Boy: miss, pwede magtanung? anung oras na?
Girl: nagtatanung ka ng oras? tpos tatanungin mu name ku? tapos hhingin mu number ku? tapos liligawan mu ko? tapos after 1mo. pacharming akung sasagutin kita.. tpos bibisita ka sa bahay..tapos magdadate tayo.. tapos syempre pakipot naman aku.. tapos dadalhin mu ko kht san lang.. tapos mi mangyayari satin.. tapos mabubuntis aku..tapos papakasal tayo.. tapos bubugbugin mu lang ako! at panu na ang bata?! Hindi! Hindi ku sasabhn kung anung oras na!
BOY: (speechless)weewww!

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Pamatay na Banat sa mga KSP (Papansin) at Mahilig Pumapapel (Epal)

Are sick and tired to those people who one that joins an activity or conversation uninvited and causes trouble? or the annoying nosy idiot people? Check this Pamatay na Banat sa mga KSP (Papansin) at Mahilig Pumapapel (Epal) for you to share with. If you have your own favorite Pamatay na Banat sa mga KSP at Mahilig Pumapapel, we would love to hear it, simply add a comment below or just email it to us with a subject: banat ksp, and will posted up for you. Hope you'll like it!

Wag mo akong pakialaman sa ginagawa ko,
kung ayaw mong itapal ko yang sinasabi mo sa pagmumukha mo!

*     *     *     *     *

Alam mo ikaw napaka papansin mo!
Siguro hindi masaya childhood mo noh?
Siguro wala kang kaibigan?!"XD

Huwag ka makialam puede?...buhay ko 'to,
If you don't have anything good to say, Shut up! XD

*     *     *     *     *

Wala ka bang magawa? umuwe ka sa inyo,
Bat di mo sunugin mo bahay niyo para may magawa ka naman!

If you have your own Banat Lines sa Kulang sa Pansin at Epal, feel free to share it with us and have it posted here. HERE!

Pinoy Pambasted na Banat and Mga Banat na Pang Basted

Is there someone courting you but you don't have feelings on him? and you're thinking on how to say it? well, here's a collection of the best, funniest and latest Pinoy Pambasted na Banat and Mga Banat na Pangbasted made just for you and to share with and even post it in your facebook or twitter status.  If you have your own favorite Tagalog Pambasted na Banat, we would love to hear it, simply add a comment below or just email it to us with a subject: pinoy basted, and will posted up for you. Hope you'll like it!

Pambasted para sa mga makukilit manligaw:
"How many times do i have to flush before you go away?"

**********   *

I'm funny. you're funny looking.
so, we have something in common.
but i still don't like you. so go awaaaay!!!

Check out this Pinoy Jokes video  that feautures Basted is Tandang

A Girl brought over his new boyfriend for the girl barkada to meet..after several hours, the guy excused himself.

Girl: so guys, how is he? feedback!
Barkada: he's ok. pero friend, KM sya.
We all agreed.
KM translation: KUTIS MAHIRAP

**********   *

Boy: Hi. kilala kita db classmates tayo nung high school?

**********   *

Oh bakit buhay ka pa? kala ko ba pag di ko sinagot calls mo papakamatay ka na? bkit di ka pa rin patay?

**********   *

When a Boy approached the Girl with a smile....
Boy: Hi miss...can i...
Girl: sorry....nagbigay na ako ng donation sa mga kasamahan mo...

**********   *

Pambasted banat sa kaibigang naliligaw:
"You're such a good friend why ruin our friendship"

**********   *

Pambasted na banat ng mga babae sa manliligaw...
"Hindi tayo bagay kasi ako dyosa ikaw halimaw."

**********   *

Boy Banat: pwede ba kitang maging kaibigan?
Girl Banat: i don't want you to be my friend
Boy Banat: bakit naman
Girl Banat: don't meet my standards eh

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Tagalog Funny Break-Up Lines and Pinoy Funny Breakup Banat

Looking for funny tagalog effective way of breaking up? Nice to drop by as we give you the best and effective Tagalog Funny Break-Up Lines and Pinoy Funny Breakup Banat for you to share with. If you have your own favorite Tagalog Funny Break-Up Lines, we would love to hear it, simply add a comment below or just email it to us with a subject: breakup banat, and will posted up for you. For entertainment purpose only and hope you'll like it!

Break na tayo! kasi...
Hindi ka mayaman,
Hindi ka gwapo at hindi ka matalino...
(brutal! Nyahaha!)

**********   *

Girl: sawang sawa na ako're always like that.
pagod na ako..itigil na natin ito
Boy: hindi ka na makakapaghanap ng tulad ko tandaan mo yan.
Girl: shut up! you think maghahanap pa ako ng tulad mo!

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Boy: I want to focus on my studies
after 2 days my girlfriend na pala ang Bugok,
classmate pa niya, focus nga!

**********   *

(Boy to his GF)
Boy: "Ayoko ko na sa 'yo"
Girl: "What?"
Boy: "Type ko ang kuya mo."

**********   *

Girl: "May ipagtatapat ako sa 'yo...
(nagboses lalaki) Bro, di na tayo talo."

**********   *

You better dump me before I lop your d1ck off
and feed it to my pet piranha!

**********   *

Boy breaking up to a girl...
Boy:  "I'm Gay.."

**********   *

Break na tayo! kasi...
"May AIDS ako...XD

**********   *

Break na tayo! kasi...
aahm.. it's not you.. it's your face..XD

**********   *

Tapusin na natin to.di tayo sexually compatible
di mo masabayan ang libog ko...nyahaha!XD

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Tagalog Bastos na Banat and Pinoy Green Banat Jokes

Here's a extensive collection of best, naughtiest, funniest and latest Tagalog Bastos na Banat and Pinoy Green Banat Jokes, made just for you and to share with. If you have your own favorite Tagalog Bastos na Banat, we would love to hear it, simply add a comment below or just email it to us with a subject: bastos banat, and will posted up for you. For entertainment purpose only and hope you'll like it!

INA: Hindi ba bilin ko sayo, kapag hinipuan ka ng bf mo sa dede say DONT!
Kapag sa pepe say STOP! Bakit nabuntis ka ?
ANAK: Sabay po kasi hinipo eh,. kaya sabi ko DONT STOP !

**********   *

Prof: Ayoko ng maingay! Ang maingay ay babanatan ko ng Pick up line.
Nagingay si Neneng….
Prof: Oy neneng, TAMOD ka ba?
Neneng: Bakit pO?

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BF: BlowJob mo ako Hon..
GF: Di ako marunong Hon..
BF: Madali lang, para ka lang nag sisigarilyo.Hititin mo.
GF: Ganun!? Palalabasin ko din ba sa ilong?

**********   *

Boy: Chicharon ka ba?
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: Ang ingay mo kasi pag kinakain kita =D

**********   *

Son sees his Mom licking his father’s balls
Son : Ano gawa mo mommy?
MOM : Kain lang mommy ng bola bola
Son: Takaw naman ni mommy. may bola bola na may lumpia pa!!!

**********   *

Boy: BLACKBERRY kaba??
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: Kasi, ang ganda ng CURVE mo, lalo na siguro kung BOLD ka…

**********   *

Madre: ano apelyido mo iho?
Sakristan: Alam nyo na po yun sister! lagi nyo po yun hinahawakan..
Madre: Susme! BAYAG apelyido mo?
Sakristan: Sister naman… ROSARIO po!!XD

**********   *

After having sex, panay pa rin hawak ng girl sa organ ng lalaki..
BOY: Gusto mo pa ulit ?
GIRL: Hinde… Namimiss ko lang.. Meron kasi ako nito dati ehh…

**********   *

Boy: Sana BOLA ka na lang…
Girl: Bakit???
Boy: Ang sarap mo pag-agawan tapos tirahin…

**********   *

Miss baril ka ba ?
PATIRA naman. Kahit isang PUTOK lang ?

**********   *

Boy: Miss magic lamp ka ba?
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: Sige nga, PAHIMAS ?

**********   *

Boy: Miss steady ka ba?
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: Gusto kita galawin e.

**********   *

Lasing 1 : Pare, sobra ang tigas ng TITI ko, Uuwi na ako at yayariin ko muna
si Misis.
Lasing 2 : Sasama ako sa iyo.
Lasing 1 : Baket?
Lasing 2 : E, sa akin ang yang hawak mong TITI eh !!!!

**********   *

Boy: Miss lamesa ka ba?
Girl: Hinde. Bakit?
Boy: Gusto kasi kitang PATUNGAN e.

**********   *

Boy: Sana naging palay ka nalang.
Girl: Bakit?
Boy: Para pwede kitang BAYUHIN.

**********   *

Sana naging manok ka na lang,
Para lagi mong inuupuan ITLOG ko.

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Pinoy Wagas na Banat and Tagalog Banat na Wagas

Here's a collection of the best, funny and latest Pinoy Wagas na Banat made just for you and to share with and even post it in your facebook or twitter status.  If you have your own favorite Tagalog Banat na Wagas, we would love to hear it, simply add a comment below or just email it to us with a subject: wagas banat, and will posted up for you. Hope you'll like it!

Ang LALAKING hindi marunong lumingon sa kanyang pinanggalingan,
Malamang NATULALA sa aking KAGANDAHAN.

**********   *

Kasing lakas ba ng ALAK ang TAMA mo sa kanya?,
Wag kang mag-alala, darating din ang araw na ISUSUKA mo siya.

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