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Showing posts with label Tagalog Taray Lines. Show all posts

Tagalog Taray Lines

Tagalog Taray Lines is a cool collection of lines from those who tend to speak contemptuously. Mataray (Filipino word for being mean or rude or snobbish) is a label given to anyone who answers back bluntly or brusquely and is associated with pretentiousness and bitchiness. Commonly, women are given this label for their snobbishness and frank when talking to people. But as time passes by, being mataray is no longer just an attitude problem but is often used as an expression to a mean or sarcastic person. So when someone called you that way, it doesn't mean negative right away. It could be a positive way to compliment you whenever you utter something.

Well, if you intend to be mataray, then this read is for you. We have compiled some of the Taray Lines that you could share with your friends and hope you'll like these selection :

Sa isang turo-turo.
Customer: “Miss, may langaw sa arroz caldo ko!”
Tindera: “Sa halagang limang piso, anong ine-expect mo, manok?”

*     *     *     *     *

Sa isang hallway sa office… Nakikipagkwentuhan ako sa isang friend..
Matabang Babae: Excuse me!!!! You’re blocking my way!!! (Pasigaw)
sagot ko…
Me: I think YOU are blocking your own way!!!

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